Six Thinking Hats.

Everyone has felt frustrated by inefficient, time consuming meetings that are plagued by divisive arguments, lack of preparation, asides, and inaction. Imagine what might happen if you, your team, your department, or entire organization learned to eliminate these issues. Open the door to thorough decision making, improved communication, and easier problem resolution by learning simple thinking tools. . .

-Past President Of International Academy Of Trial Lawyers

Six Thinking Hats, a thinking skills training course from certified local trainer Robert Fischer, teaches parallel thinking as an alternative to argument. Parallel thinking guides thought processes in one direction at a time so we can effectively analyze issues, generate new ideas, and make better decisions.

Who Needs Six Thinking Hats? Anyone who wants:

Facilitate a meeting that surfaces hidden agendas and achieves objectives without conflict as well as to ensure that all sides of an issue are addressed. Six thinking hats is a thinking tool that works well in different cultures around the world, and endows its participants with a sharpened ability to think clearly, objectively, systematically, and creatively.

Sales & Marketing Professionals

HR Professionals

Project Managers

New Product Developers

Team Leaders & Members

Trainers &

Advertising & PR Professionals

Meeting Facilitators


How Might You Use The Six Thinking Hats?

Six Thinking Hats is a simple, effective technique your team may use in a variety of applications, such as facilitation of meetings, preparing for discussions, facilitation of meetings, problem Solving, conflict resolution, ethical decision-Making, continuous process improvement, presentations, virtual meetings, leadership development, and individual thinking.

Six Thinking Hats Training Course Objectives and Outcomes

Six Thinking Hats training participants will show evidence of a marked tendency to identify themselves as thinkers and confidence that they have the ability to cope with and improve their environments, competencies enabling them to solve problems autonomously. Solutions are reached by learning how to first identify a problem, then propose alternative solutions as well as predict each alternatives consequences. Only then can one further assess the usefulness of each set of consequences, and finally select the best alternative, implement it, and evaluate it.
Competencies enabling them to identify and pursue opportunities including the ability to:

  • develop a habit of perceiving events and situations as opportunities
  • identify the benefits/desired outcomes of pursuing each opportunity
  • identify the risks/dangers of pursuing each opportunity
  • design ways to minimize risks and dangers
  • select opportunities based on weighing the benefits against remaining risks
  • design plans for pursuing a selected opportunity
  • assess and reevaluate plans in progress

Six Thinking Hats enables its participants to understand and take on the facilitator role in a group meeting, identify and articulate other people's points of view, devise an agenda and demonstrate the necessary discipline to follow it, and provide for equal participation among group members. In essence, Six Thinking Hats is a means of teaching people to think cooperatively.

If you are interested in taking Six Hats Thinking seminar from a certified professional, for yourself or your business, contact Robert Fischer by email.